3/4 front view of swan series ceramic sculpture in light pink by Sophia Wallace.
3/4 front view of swan series sculpture in black opal by Sophia Wallace.

New Sculptures

Cast ceramic sculptures inspired by the strength and graceful movement of swans.


We refuse to carry 100% of the responsibility of reproductive sex when we are only 50% of the equation. For the street, the office or your home. 

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THE DILEMMA OF DESIRE is a groundbreaking new film advancing the dialogue of sexual embodiment for people with clits. The film follows diverse, intergenerational stories of women and non-binary femmes who are shattering lies about female sexual desire, bodies and power. Artist Sophia Wallace dismantles sexual “phallusy” with her groundbreaking “cliteracy” project, proving that the clitoris is as fundamental to female orgasm as it is to gender equality. Neuroscientist Dr. Stacey Dutton is committed to studying the biology of the clitoris after encountering its erasure in major anatomy textbooks. Dr. Lisa Diamond applies her 20 years of research to help students understand the implications of sexual well-being for physical and mental health. Industrial designer Ti Chang creates innovative and elegant vibrators to combat a male-dominated industry which trivializes female pleasure. THE DILEMMA OF DESIRE argues compellingly that sexual freedom is central to the promise of human dignity, self-determination, and equality.

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Dr. Stacey Dutton in her lab.
Critically acclaimed Film, The Dilemma of Desire by Maria Finitzo

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Artist Sophia Wallace working on a swan series sculpture in her Brooklyn studio, October 2021.